Despite All of Our Fancy AI, Solving Intelligence Remains “The Greatest Problem in Science” | MIT Technology Review

November 7, 2017

Autonomous cars and Go-playing computers are impressive, but we’re no closer to machines that can think like people, says neuroscientist Tomaso Poggio.

by Antonio Regalado
Intelligent Machines | MIT Technology Review

Excerpt:  "Recent advances that let computers play board games and drive cars haven’t brought the world any closer to true artificial intelligence.

That’s according to Thomas Poggio, a professor at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT who has trained many of today’s AI leaders.

“Is this getting us closer to human intelligence? I don’t think so,” the neuroscientist said at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech conference on Tuesday."

... “I personally think the problem of intelligence is the greatest problem in science,” says Poggio. “But to believe we can solve the greatest of all problems in the next few weeks or months is a bit too ambitious.”


Follow link below to read full article and to view EmTech of the discussion with Prof. Poggio regardng Alpha Go. 


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