Exploring unknowns in cancer, the human brain, and the road ahead [MIT News]

Photo of Kerrie Greene
November 18, 2018

Double major Kerrie Greene builds connections in her research and her community.

by Brittany Flaherty | School of Science

Looking up at the sun-filled atrium of the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Complex, MIT senior Kerrie Greene smiles. “I love this building,” she says about the place that houses the lab where she first became interested in the inner workings of the human brain.

Greene juggles many roles on campus and in her personal life — vice president of her dorm, neuroscientist, bioengineer, volleyball player, older sister — and she doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon. With her medical school applications complete, Greene is currently interviewing at prospective programs. She says she enjoys being involved and working hard, but it hasn’t exactly been easy.

“I’m just happy to have made it to senior year,” Greene says with a laugh. “And I’m very excited for the future.”...

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