IIT Jodhpur concludes NAiBS-2023 “Next-gen AI: Inspiration from Brain Science” international conference [NE India Broadcast]

January 30, 2023

Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur conducted NAiBS-2023 international conference from 26th to 28th January 2023. The conference aimed at bringing together researchers across domains for discussions on the common goal of designing AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) systems – drawing inspiration from individual sensorimotor computations leading to multimodal processes in the human brain. The conference also envisioned being of interest to a vibrant network of early-career scholars engaged in the transdisciplinary inquiry on the origins, nature, and future of human and artificial intelligence. The conference was sponsored by the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB).

The conference hosted few renowned academicians like Tomaso Poggio, Nancy Kanwisher, Susan Goldin-Meadow, Subbarao Kambhampati among others...

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