Institute launches the MIT Quest for Intelligence

February 1, 2018

New Institute-wide initiative will advance human and machine intelligence research.

Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office

"MIT today announced the launch of the MIT Quest for Intelligence, an initiative to discover the foundations of human intelligence and drive the development of technological tools that can positively influence virtually every aspect of society.

The announcement was first made in a letter MIT President L. Rafael Reif sent to the Institute community.

At a time of rapid advances in intelligence research across many disciplines, the MIT Quest for Intelligence will encourage researchers to investigate the societal implications of their work as they pursue hard problems lying beyond the current horizon of what is known.

Some of these advances may be foundational in nature, involving new insight into human intelligence, and new methods to allow machines to learn effectively. Others may be practical tools for use in a wide array of research endeavors, such as disease diagnosis, drug discovery, materials and manufacturing design, automated systems, synthetic biology, and finance..."

Read the full story on the MIT News website using the link below.