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Download & Install


Latest version:

OSSDP v3.0

  • OSSDP v3.0 Drupal 10.1.7 files (January 18, 2024)
  • OSSDP v3.0  MySQL Database (January 18, 2024)
  • Install notes PDF (January 18, 2024)
  • Release notes:
    • Upgraded to Drupal 10.1.7
      • streamlined and removed unneeded modules
      • warning - Activity Tracker module is deprecated but may delete content if removed.
    • More filters and search options for Views added.
    • Demographics information activated and split appropriately between Family (majority) and Child content typed.

Previous versions:

OSSDP v2.0.1

  • OSSDP v2.0 Drupal 8.7.8 files (May 7, 2020)
  • OSSDP v2.0.2 MySQL Database (May 19, 2020)
  • Release notes:
    • Subject/Child pages:
      • Added Siblings section to link to related subject/child records above Family section.
      • Added contact method and related info from associated Family record below Family link.
    • All Subject/Entries pages, added option to filter records by Contact Log status type (ie, "is none of" +  "Visited" will show records that have not been in yet for a study).

OSSDP v2.0.1

OSSDP v2.0

  • OSSDP v2.0 Drupal 8.7.8 files (May 7, 2020)
  • OSSDP v2.0 MySQL Database (May 7, 2020)
  • Release notes:
    • Created Family units. Allows for a single family to be created with multiple children assigned.
      • On signup, visitor creates a family and can add 1 or more children that will automatically attach to that family entity upon submission.
      • If the same family fills out the form more than once with a different child in each, the Child record can be updated changing the Family field to attach it to the Family unit you wish to keep. It is recommended to delete any Family units without Children that become orphaned by this process.
    • Created "All Families" view
    • Updated Age calculation. Replaced Drupal's "Time Ago" method with customized Computed Field PHP that uses the standards of the field (infant/childhood psychology, etc.). 1 month = first day of one month to the first day of the next month regardless of month actual length.
    • For subject age search on views, replaced finite dropbown list with user input fields to allow faster searching.
    • Updated several views to show the most recent Contact Logs as the leading contact log.

OSSDP v1.0

Module Customizations/Fixes

Installation (applies to OSSDP V2.0.1 and prior, V3 comes with instructions)

Initial server configuration and system connections

Download the above file packages.

If you are familiar with Drupal 8 installs, upload the OSSDP Drupal Files package to your server and the OSSDP MySQL Database to your SQL Server.

The defaults to login to the site are: user1 = admin, password = test1234

For the db: db name = test, user = test, password = test1234

*After initial install/setup, all above usernames and password MUST BE CHANGED on your system to maintain security.*

Site Configuration Instructions:

  • The trusted_host_patterns setting is not configured in settings.php. This can lead to security vulnerabilities. It is highly recommended that you configure this. See Protecting against HTTP HOST Header attacks for more information.
  • Set site email address under Basic Site Settings and in Rules (below).
  • Site is set to 36 months and younger to be considered "premature (preme)". If change is needed, update Views filters and Rules emails (below).
  • Rules:
    • Auto sends emails to thank for signing up if gestational age is over 36 months (change in Condition Data: Comparison). Edit email content and address in Action: Send Email
    • Auto sends emails to thank for signing up, but rejecting at this time, if gestational age is less than 37 months (change in Condition Data: Comparison). Edit email content and address in Action: Send Email

Please contact Kris Brewer ( with questions or suggestions for additional installation/configuration instructions.