Learning Hub - About

What is the Science of Intelligence Learning Hub?

The Science of Intelligence Learning Hubis an extensive collection of online resources created by the CBMM community and colleagues, to support educational activities such as course development; training in computational modeling techniques; learning about methods for collecting and analyzing empirical data in neuroscience and cognitive science; project based learning; and independent exploration of the study of human and machine intelligence. Learning materials are aimed at a range of audiences, from the general public, to students at the undergraduate or graduate levels, to researchers in the field. This resource will continually grow and adapt to the changing field of Intelligence Science. We welcome suggestions for new content for the site, and feedback on how you are using these resources!

Who created this?

Ellen Hildreth, CBMM's Coordinator for Education and Professor of Computer Science at Wellesley College, compiled the content of the Learning Hub, integrating contributions from the CBMM community, and continues to work with faculty, postdocs, students and other educators to identify, prepare and add resources to the Learning Hub.

Kris Brewer, CBMM's Director of Technology, filmed, edited, and produced much of the video content, designed and implemented the website, and continues to update the Learning Hub website.

Daniel Zysman, Instructor in the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Education Affiliate of CBMM, helped to create and review content for the Learning Hub.