LH - Course - Residential: Principles of Neuroengineering (G)

Principles of Neuroengineering (G)
 Principles of Neuroengineering

Instructor: Ed Boyden

Course Numbers: 9.522J, 20.452J, MAS.881J

Course Level: Graduate

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

Course Website: http://syntheticneurobiology.org/classes/display/42

Course Description: 

Covers how to innovate technologies for brain analysis and engineering, for accelerating the basic understanding of the brain, and leading to new therapeutic insight and inventions. Focuses on using physical, chemical and biological principles to understand technology design criteria governing ability to observe and alter brain structure and function. Topics include optogenetics, noninvasive brain imaging and stimulation, nanotechnologies, stem cells and tissue engineering, and advanced molecular and structural imaging technologies. Design projects by students.