LH - Course - Residential: Theories of Learning (G/U)

Theories of Learning (G/U)
Learning Theory CMap

Instructor: Samuel Gershman

Course Number: PSY 2301

Course Level: Graduate, Undergraduate

Syllabus: LearningTheories_syllabus.pdf

Prerequisites: Undergraduates should have taken Science of Living Systems 20 or Psychology 1 or the equivalent of introductory psychology, and at least one foundational course from PSY 14, PSY 15, PSY 16, PSY 18, or Science of Living Systems 15, or permission of instructor.

Course Website: Accessible with Harvard Login

Course Description:

This course provides a tour of foundational topics in learning from a theoretical perspective. It covers a diversity of learning processes, aiming for breadth over depth (although it inevitably neglects several important forms of learning). Each meeting will consist of student-led presentations of two papers. Experience with computational modeling is not required, but students should have some familiarity with basic math (algebra and probability).