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TELLab: The Experiential Learning Lab
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TELLab is an online tool for collaborative learning in the design of psychology experiments, developed by a group of psychologists, computer scientists, and educators at Harvard University and other schools. The tool supports rapid development of psychology experiments, and collection and analysis of data. Experiments can easily be modified by students to design their own variations on the experiments, and data can be collected, visualized, and analyzed by a large class, on the fly. Results from a large collection of experiments can be quickly accessed and compared. The TELLab platform brings experiential learning techniques to courses that teach concepts related to human behavior, perception, and cognition. Learn about this resource and see examples of how it was used in introductory psychology courses at Wellesley and Princeton.

URL: http://lab.tellab.org/

Additional Resources:

  • Jeremy Wilmer incorporates Data Projects in his Introduction to Psychology course at Wellesley College, using TELLab to run class experiments and enable students to design their own experiments. Read about the Data Project Concept and view a Lab activity for an Implicit Associations Data Project, in which students explore an experimental tool used to study implicit bias, the Implicit Association Test (IAT).
  • Justin Junge uses TELLab extensively in his Introduction to Psychology lab course at Princeton, which meets once a week for a three-hour lab. View a student worksheet and instructor worksheet for an activity in which students participate in the Implicit Association Test and design their own experiments that the instructor helps them to build on TELLab. A two-part activity that extends over two lab sessions explores cognitive control through the Stroop Interference task and Flanker Interference Tasks (Lab 5: Cognitive Control I and Lab 6: Cognitive Control II).
  • A new suite of simple, but powerful data visualization web apps created by Jeremy Wilmer can be found at the Show My Data website.