Summer Course 2016 Resources

Summer Course 2016 Resources


Materials for Tutorials

Further Reading

Machine Intelligence and Precision Medicine - Dorin Comaniciu

  • Shaping   the   future   through   innovations:   From   medical   imaging   to precision   medicine - a recent paper summarizing Cinematic Rendering, AI for image understanding, cFFR, image fusion, and patient specific computational models.
  • A Self-Taught Artificial Agent for Multi-Physics Computational Model Personalization - AI for Multi-Physics Learning
  • Marginal Space Deep Learning: Efficient Architecture for Volumetric Image Parsing - Our core method for DL on volumetric images
  • A Machine Learning Approach for Computation of Fractional Flow Reserve from Coronary Computed Tomography - Machine Learning-based FFR computation -
  • A video of Medico, a project that was the precursor of Project Zero -
  • Dorin Comaniciu web page has multiple references to their work -

Presentation Slides

Journal Club

Throughout the school we will have a number of journal clubs, at least two and perhaps four depending on how much time we all choose to allocate to projects. The two journal club sessions that are certain will include papers on reproducibility and good science and well as other BMM topics. The following papers will be included but we may add others:

  •     Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science by Nosek et al.
  •     Cluster failure: Why fMRI inferences for spatial extent have inflated false-positive rates by Eklund et al.
  •     Could a neuroscientist understand a microprocessor? by Jonas & Kording
  •     Millisecond Coupling of Local Field Potentials to Synaptic Currents in the Awake Visual Cortex by Haider et al.
  •     Cognitive tomography reveals complex, task-independent mental representations by Houlsby et al.

Project Descriptions

Google Doc


  • Last years lectures (unedited) - Youtube Playlist
  • We will be recording a few lectures and tutorials from this year and posting them for your reference (unedited) - Youtube Playlist

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