CNS: Cortical Network Simulator Programming Guide - Revision History

Rev# Date Changes
r321 2010-03-15 cns('get') and cns('set') now support all field classes except pointer fields.
r327 2010-03-20 Field classes have been simplified:

  • All N-D array fields are defined using the classes (ma/ga/la) whether they are cached or not. Uncached is the default. To define a cached N-D array, add the 'cache' option.
  • All cell fields are defined using the classes (cc/cv) whether they are public or not. By default they are public; to define a private cell field, add the 'private' option.
  • Public cell fields may be cached or not. Uncached is the default; to define a cached cell field, add the 'cache' option.
r332 2010-03-24 Parameter and N-D array fields can now be private.
r334 2010-03-26 The help option of cns_build produces cleaner output.
r337 2010-04-05 Added cns_rename.
r343 2010-07-11 #PART and #INCLUDEPART can be used recursively.
r353 2010-08-04 Added multi-GPU and asynchronous support (Linux or Mac only).
r386 2010-11-13 Added #BLOCKSIZE and #NULL preprocessor directives.
r387 2010-11-13 Removed PHASE_NO macro.
r388 2010-11-14 Fast local array variables are now defined using preprocessor directives.
r403 2011-01-28 GET_type_dim_RF_... macros renamed to FIND_type_dim_.... Old names still work for now.
r409 2011-02-11 Split dimensions are no longer visible to kernels.
r416 2011-02-17 Cell types are now defined using classdef.
r463 2012-04-10 Added temporal shifting feature. cns('get') and cns('set') can now retrieve entire groups or subranges. Added cns('use'). Fixed problems compiling under CUDA 4.1.
r472 2013-06-13 Fixed problems running under CUDA 5.0.