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Kell, A. J. E. & McDermott, J. H. Deep neural network models of sensory systems: windows onto the role of task constraints. Current Opinion in Neurobiology 55, 121 - 132 (2019).
Norman-Haignere, S. V., Kanwisher, N., McDermott, J. H. & Conway, B. R. Divergence in the functional organization of human and macaque auditory cortex revealed by fMRI responses to harmonic tones. Nature Neuroscience (2019). doi:10.1038/s41593-019-0410-7
Młynarski, W. & McDermott, J. H. Ecological origins of perceptual grouping principles in the auditory system. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116, 25355 - 25364 (2019).
McWalter, R. & McDermott, J. H. Illusory sound texture reveals multi-second statistical completion in auditory scene analysis. Nature Communications 10, (2019).
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Feather, J., Durango, A., Gonzalez, R. & McDermott, J. H. Metamers of neural networks reveal divergence from human perceptual systems. NIPS 2019 (2019). at <>PDF icon Feather_etal_2019_NeurIPS_metamers.pdf (4.7 MB)
Traer, J., Cusimano, M. & McDermott, J. H. A perceptually inspired generative model of rigid-body contact sounds. Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-19) (2019).
Cusimano, M., Traer, J. & McDermott, J. H. Scrape, rub, and roll: causal inference in the perception of sustained contact sounds . Cognitive Science (2019).
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