April 28, 2022
Prestigious honor society announces more than 250 new members.

Seven MIT faculty members are among more than 250 leaders from academia, the arts, industry, public policy, and research elected to the American Academy of Arts...
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April 27, 2022
"The researchers, led by Nancy Kanwisher and collaborator Josh McDermott, had previously identified a population of neurons in the auditory cortex that respond specifically to music by using functional magnetic resonance...
April 25, 2022
Dr. Kelsey Allen, MIT PhD '21, awarded the prestigious Glushko Dissertation Prize in cognitive sciences for her PhD thesis entitled “Learning to act with objects, relations and physics."
"The goals of these prizes are to increase...
April 14, 2022
Fellowship funds graduate studies for outstanding immigrants and children of immigrants.
Julia Mongo | Office of Distinguished Fellowships
MIT graduate student Fernanda De La Torre, alumna Trang Luu ’18, SM ’20, and senior...
April 6, 2022
When artificial intelligence is tasked with visually identifying objects and faces, it assigns specific components of its network to face recognition — just like the human brain.
Jennifer Michalowski | McGovern Institute for...
March 29, 2022
In a new study, intracranial electrodes helped reveal the cells in our brains and the neurological mechanisms responsible for memory creation.
By Conor Feehly
The successful formation of memories is an essential function in...
March 7, 2022
Study identifies brain cells that form boundaries between discrete events
Researchers have identified two types of cells in our brains that are involved in organizing discrete memories based on when they occurred. This finding...
March 2, 2022
Researchers find similarities between how some computer-vision systems process images and how humans see out of the corners of our eyes.
Adam Zewe | MIT News Office
Perhaps computer vision and human vision have more in common...
Photo by Matt Botsford @mattbotsford on Unsplash
February 25, 2022
by Margaret Osborne
Excerpt:  "Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered that a specific set of neurons located in the auditory cortex in the brain respond to singing but not other sounds like...
February 23, 2022
New data shows that brain regions in infants just a few months old are specialized for faces, bodies, or scenes.
By Anne Trafton

Within the visual cortex of the adult brain, as MIT neuroscientist Nancy Kanwisher discovered...