December 7, 2021
Tiny amounts of artificial noise can fool neural networks, but not humans. Some researchers are looking to neuroscience for a fix.
by Allison Whitten
Artificial intelligence sees things we don’t — often to its detriment. While...
December 6, 2021
A new AI-powered, virtual platform uses real-world physics to simulate a rich and interactive audio-visual environment, enabling human and robotic learning, training, and experimental studies.
Lauren Hinkel | MIT-IBM Watson AI...
November 18, 2021
We are reimagining the entire drug discovery process from first principles with an AI-first approach.
Demis Hassabis, Founder and CEO of Isomorphic Labs (and DeepMind)
I believe we are on the cusp of an incredible new era of...
November 15, 2021
By Dana G. Smith
What does your infant see when they look at you? Do you appear as just a round blob with some dark features? Or can your child already recognize that they are looking at a face, one belonging to the parent who...
November 15, 2021
Study suggests this area of the visual cortex emerges much earlier in development than previously thought.
Anne Trafton | MIT News Office

Within the visual cortex of the adult brain, a small region is specialized to respond to...
November 11, 2021

MIT researchers have incorporated social interactions into a framework for robotics, allowing robots to understand what helps or hinders one another.
The robots have been primed to learn social behaviors on their own.
November 8, 2021
MIT researchers are seeking to revolutionize AI technology by reproducing a vital component of the neural circuitry of the zebra finch
by Steve Nadis
One month after being hatched, male zebra finches start learning to sing by...
November 8, 2021
A new machine-learning system helps robots understand and perform certain social interactions.
Adam Zewe | MIT News Office
Robots can deliver food on a college campus and hit a hole-in-one on the golf course, but even the most...
November 5, 2021

Politeness doesn’t really amount to much when you’re programmed to get from point A to point B. But if robots are going to play an increased role in human society, questions arise around how precisely they’ll get along with the...
November 5, 2021
Neuroscientists find the internal workings of next-word prediction models resemble those of language-processing centers in the brain
In the past few years, artificial intelligence models of language have become very good at...