Panels: The Big Questions

Panels: The Big Questions

Nancy Kanwisher, Josh Tenenbaum, and Thomas Serre reflect on a question from the audience about how the training of artificial neural networks could mimic human learning through evolution.


In these engaging panels, researchers debate fundamental questions about how the study of intelligence in biological brains can inform the design of AI systems, and vice versa, and what are the unique aspects of human intelligence that distinguish it from the intelligence of non-human animals and machines. In 1900, the mathematician David Hilbert proposed a series of unsolved problems that inspired generations of mathematicians during the 20th century. The third panel addresses what are the analogous unsolved problems in AI that will inspire generations of researchers in the 21st century.


Nancy Kanwisher, Josh Tenenbaum, Thomas Serre: What is the relationship between biological brains and AI algorithms?
Laura Schulz, Matthew Wilson, Nicholas Roy, Venkatesh Murty: Is there anything special about human intelligence? (vs. non-human animals, vs. machines)
Gabriel Kreiman, Tomaso Poggio, Stefanie Tellex: Hilbert questions in AI

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